Christopher Musser

Actor, Singer, Dancer, Grip, Gaffer, Boom and Props


Creator Of MusserStudios,  
Christopher Musser, was born January 20, 1992 in Mercersburg Pennsylvania. 
Born into 'Blue Collar' poverty at birth, he was raised in a breeding ground for creativity, and ingenuity. He is the younger sibling, his sister being around two years older. His Father has been a custodian for over 20 years, and His Mother does filing, book keeping, and is an insurance agent.  

Currently seeking an acting role, as either lead, or supportive male, he wants to establish his creditbility as an actor, or voice actor. Willing to take on any project that would further his knowledge of filmaking from almost any aspect. 

Becoming fascinated with movies since childhood, he developed a curiosity for "how stuff works" and since then has amassed a verbose knowledge of techniques used, and how they are accomplished. This in combination of his 'MacGuyver-esq' skill at creating objects from what most consider improbable materials, proves to be an invaluable asset.

After asking if he's made a positve impact on the film crew, he recieved  the following. 

Koran Dunbar, Director of Greencastle the film;

 "Chris you deserve more than a like, {facebook} you have impacted many peoples lives as well as mine. You kind words and big heart and worth ethic are rare these days. Keep being true to who you are. Thanks for all you have done."


David Vanderveer, Production Manager for Greencastle the film;

"Chris, not only are you making positive impacts on our lives, but you are a positive person overall. You rarely say no, I've never heard the word "Impossible" come from you, and you always have a way to make something work. This film would not be where it is without your creative mind and postitive attitude. At your age, you should be very proud of who you are...and I am very proud to know you."





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